Talking: Families

Consultation to Professionals and People in Business


I have experience working:

  • As a trainer – in personal development, introductory and academic;
  • As a facilitator; I have set up a counselling service for a charity;
  • In direct sales in the boardroom, purchasing departments, at exhibitions and on the telephone;
  • I have set up and run a telesales team;
  • Creating advertisements and marketing campaigns with mail shots;
  • As a development and sales manager with a team of 5/6 people;
  • As a fund raiser.

My Post Graduate Diploma in Systemic Management incorporated developing strong skills in: team leadership, appreciative inquiry, ethical practice, conflict management, presentation, appraisals and assessments, affirmation, coaching and mentoring; using ideas drawn from the post modern social constructionist field.

I welcome the opportunity to talk to you about my qualifications and experience and what I could offer you in your particular circumstances. Please contact me if you would like a copy of my CV.