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Dog Training

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Spending time with your dog carrying out some training is very important if we want any dog to do as they are told!

Top Dogs training sessions are set to show the dogs what is expected of them in certain environments and situations by showing the dogs what they need to do, if we don't show them how can we expect them to understand what we want from them? The dogs after all aren't automatically programmed from birth to understand sit, down, come and heel!

The training sessions that are offered at Top Dogs are designed to cater for your dog on a one to one basis in your own home. The home is where your dog spends most of its time and also where your dog picks up most of their bad habits! In carrying out the training sessions in your home I am able to help and guide you how to stop those unwanted behaviours seeing first hand the problems you are facing. I am here to train you, so you can train your dog.

It is advised to book four 1 hour training sessions over a four week period, this gives me chance to meet everyone who is going to be involved in the dogs training, get to know the dog, see how the dog reacts to different situations and also gives you time to practice so I can see how you have progressed from one week to the next. If you need longer, then we can tailor a training package to suit you. When booking a training package then please understand that you will need to find the time to practice with your dog when I am not there to get the most out of them.

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The training packages are good for puppies, if you have a new addition to the family and want to have them understanding basic commands, want them walking nicely on the lead, or some help and advice with those behavioural problems all puppies go through, chewing, biting, barking, toliet training etc, then get in touch. Again we can tailor training packages to suit you but do advise four weekly one hour sessions minimum for any dog training.

If you don't have the time to practice training then why not arrange for me to work with the dog and put that practice in, however many times a week I can pick your dog up and take them out or stay in the house and do some training with them.

Top Dogs does not offer help to those seeking guidance for aggressive behavioural issues but will be able to pass you onto a website that deals with that.

Keeping our dogs stimulated mentally aswell as physically is very important as this will help the dog fulfill its basic needs and we should see less and less of those unwanted behaviours and more and more of a well balanced dog.

Please have a look at our Prices page for competitive rates, the more you book the less you pay!

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