About UKdogsitters

UKdogsitters is a sister site to LocalPetPeople.com.

This all started with DogBasics, a site for my dog training classes and dog boarding. I used to keep a list of fellow dog sitters on the DogBasics site, but it grew so much, it was getting difficult to manage. In June 2005 I created a separate web site for dog sitters to advertise on and I called it UKdogsitters.co.uk.

A year on, in July 2006, the UKdogsitters.co.uk site had grown so much, incorporating pet services from dog sitting to grooming to pet rescue, that the name didn't fit the content any more and so it was renamed to LocalPetPeople.com.

In October 2007, a few additional sites were created to work in association with LocalPetPeople, among others
UKdogwalkers.co.uk, UKdogtrainers.co.uk and UKdogsitters.co.uk (now a separate site again).

The idea with the group of LocalPetPeople sites, is for you to be able to easily find a local pet service, where ever you are, whether it be in your local area, or local to the area you are visiting. Maybe you've gone on holiday somewhere and need a vet or groomer urgently?!

I hope you'll find your local pet service via one of our sites and that the service they offer will be of a very high standard.

Please note...
We do not vet the pet services advertised on this site, nor will we match you with your pet service. You will have to use your own discretion and find out the background, set up and cost of their services. LocalPetPeople can not be held responsible for the quality of the services offered from the people advertising on this site.

Please read our article about how to check your dog walkers and sitters.

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